Since the beginning of the establishment of the RMHC China in 2006, there has always been a desire, namely to bring “Ronald McDonald House”, the core program of RMHC into mainland China.

After three years of preparation, the first Ronald McDonald House in mainland China was officially opened in Changsha in January 2016, which provided free accommodation and caring services for sick children and families who went to the out-of-town hospitals through the cooperation with Hunan Children's Hospital.

Hunan Ronald McDonald House is only 5 minutes’ walk from Hunan Children's Hospital, covering an area of 1,200 square meters, with 17 rooms for families with private bathrooms. It also provides public kitchen, dining area, laundry room, children's play area, 24-hour monitoring, air disinfection machine and other facilities as well as caring services, taking full account of the sick children's health and safety and the actual needs of the family. The accommodations and facilities of the "Ronald McDonald House" are all available for families use for free.

By the end of October 2022, the RMH Hunan has served 728 families for free, providing 34,802 nights of peaceful sleep.


Hunan Ronald McDonald House and Hunan Children's Hospital work together to follow the strict management process of application and referral, and to offer free accommodation and caring support services for sick children and families who go to the out-of-town hospitals, who are severely ill and who have economic difficulties in families. Children under 18 years of age can submit application to the Hunan Children's Hospital .

The children currently referred to are mainly from hematology department (leukemia), orthopedic department (congenital tibial pseudarthrosis), rehabilitation department (cerebral palsy, etc.) and neonatology department (premature delivery, low-body weight) and other departments of Hunan Children's Hospital.


The real pictures of China's first Ronald McDonald House